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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
Copying, Cutting, and Pasting
While proofreading the research paper, you decide it would read better if the
word, geostationary, appeared in front of the word, satellites, in the last sentence of the
fourth paragraph. You could type the word at the desired location, but because this is a
difi cult word to spell, you decide to use the Ofi ce Clipboard. The Ofi ce Clipboard
is a temporary storage area that holds up to 24 items (text or graphics) copied from any
Ofi ce program.
Copying is the process of placing items on the Ofi ce Clipboard, leaving the item in
the document. Cutting , by contrast, removes the item from the document before placing
it on the Ofi ce Clipboard. Pasting is the process of copying an item from the Ofi ce
Clipboard into the document at the location of the insertion point.
To Copy and Paste
In the research paper, you copy a word from one sentence to another. The following steps copy and paste
a word.
Home tab
Select the item to be
copied (the word,
geostationary, in
this case).
Copy button
Click the Copy button
(Home tab | Clipboard
group) to copy the
selected item in the
document to the
Ofi ce Clipboard
(Figure 2–61).
Clipboard group
text to be
copied is
Figure 2– 61
insertion point located
where item is to be pasted
Position the insertion
point at the location
where the item
should be pasted
(immediately to the
left of the word,
satellites, in this case)
(Figure 2–62).
Figure 2– 62
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