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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
Home tab
Click the Paste
button (Home tab |
Clipboard group)
to paste the copied
item in the document
at the location of
the insertion point
(Figure 2–63).
What if I click the
Paste button arrow
by mistake?
Click the Paste
button arrow again
to remove the Paste
Paste button
clicking the Paste
button arrow displays
a variety of options
for pasting the item
Clipboard group
pasted word
Paste Options
copied word remains
in document
Figure 2– 63
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected item,
click Copy on shortcut menu,
right-click where item is to
be pasted, click Keep Source
Formatting in Paste Options
area on shortcut menu
2. Select item, press CTRL + C ,
position insertion point
at paste location, press
To Display the Paste Options Menu
When you paste an item or move an item using drag-and-drop editing, which was discussed in the previous
chapter, Word automatically displays a Paste Options button near the pasted or moved text (Figure 2–63). The Paste
Options button allows you to change the format of a pasted item. For example, you can instruct Word to format
the pasted item the same way as where it was copied, or format it the same way as where it is being pasted. The
following steps display the Paste Options menu.
display the Paste Options menu
(Figure 2–64).
What are the functions of the
buttons on the Paste Options menu?
In general, the left button indicates
the pasted item should look the
same as it did in its original location.
The second button formats the
pasted text to match the rest of the
item where it was pasted. The third
button removes all formatting from
the pasted item. The Set Default
Paste command displays the Word
Options dialog box. Keep in mind that the buttons shown on a Paste Options
menu will vary, depending on the item being pasted.
Click the Paste Options button to
Paste Options button
Paste Options menu
contains buttons that
control how item is
Figure 2– 64
Press the
ESCAPE key to remove the Paste Options menu from the window.
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