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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
To Find Text
While proofreading the paper, you would like to locate all occurrences of Wii console because you are
contemplating changing this text to Wii game console. The following steps i nd all occurrences of specii c text
in a document.
Home tab
Find button
Click the Find button (Home tab
| Editing group) to display the
Navigation Pane (Figure 2–65).
Navigation Pane is
displayed at left edge
of Word window
What is the Navigation Pane?
The Navigation Pane is a window
that enables you to search
for text in a document,
browse through pages in
a document, or browse
through headings in a document.
point in
text box
Editing group
Figure 2– 65
three occurrences of
search text located
Wii console
in the Navigation Pane
text box to display all
occurrences of the typed text, called
the search text, in the Navigation
Pane and to highlight the
occurrences of the search text in the
document window (Figure 2–66).
with this tab selected,
you can search for text
in a document
occurrences of search
text listed in Navigation
Pane and highlighted in
Type various search text in the
Navigation Pane text box, and
watch Word both list matches
in the Navigation Pane and
highlight matches in the document
window. When you are i nished
experimenting, repeat Step 2.
Figure 2– 66
Other Ways
1. Click Find button arrow
(Home tab | Editing
group), click Find on Find
menu, enter search text in
Navigation Pane
2. Click Select Browse Object
button on vertical scroll
bar, click Find icon on
Select Browse Object
menu, enter search text
(Find and Replace dialog
box), click Find Next button
3. Click Page Number
indicator on status bar,
click Find tab (Find and
Replace dialog box), enter
search text, click Find
Next button
4. Press CTRL + F
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