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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
Find and Replace Dialog Box
The Replace All button (Find and Replace dialog box) replaces all occurrences of
the Find what text with the Replace with text. In some cases, you may want to replace
only certain occurrences of a word or phrase, not all of them. To instruct Word to coni rm
each change, click the Find Next button (Find and Replace dialog box) (Figure 2– 68),
instead of the Replace All button. When Word locates an occurrence of the text, it pauses
and waits for you to click either the Replace button or the Find Next button. Clicking
the Replace button changes the text; clicking the Find Next button instructs Word to
disregard the replacement and look for the next occurrence of the Find what text.
If you accidentally replace the wrong text, you can undo a replacement by clicking
the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar. If you used the Replace All button, Word
undoes all replacements. If you used the Replace button, Word undoes only the most
recent replacement.
Finding Formatting
To search for formatting
or a special character, click
the More button (shown
in Figure 2–67) to expand
the Find dialog box. To
i nd formatting, use the
Format button in the
expanded Find dialog box.
To i nd a special character,
use the Special button.
To Go to a Page
The next step in revising the paper is to change a word on the second page of the document. You could scroll
to the location in the document, or as mentioned earlier, you can use the Navigation Pane to browse through pages
in a document. The following steps display the top of the second page in the document window and position the
insertion point at the beginning of that page.
Close button
Click the ‘Browse the pages in your
Browse the
pages in your
document tab
document’ tab in the Navigation
Pane to display thumbnail images
of the pages in the document
(Figure 2–69).
What if the Navigation Pane is not
on the screen anymore?
Click View on the Ribbon to
display the View tab and then click
Navigation Pane (View tab | Show
group) to select the check box.
Navigation Pane displays thumbnails
of all pages in document – clicking
any thumbnail displays the top of
that page in document window
thumbnail of
second page
Click the thumbnail of the second
page, even if the second page
already is selected, to display the
top of the selected page in the top
of the document window (shown in
Figure 2–70 on the next page).
Click the Close button in the
Navigation Pane to close the pane.
Figure 2– 69
Other Ways
1. Click Find button arrow
(Home tab | Editing
group), click Go To on
Find menu, click Go To tab
(Find and Replace dialog
box), enter page number,
click Go To button
2. Click Select Browse Object
button on vertical scroll
bar, click Go To icon on
Select Browse Object
menu, enter page number
(Find and Replace dialog
box), click Go To button
3. Click Page Number
indicator on status bar,
click Go To tab (Find and
Replace dialog box), enter
page number, click Go
To button
4. Press CTRL + G
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