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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
To Find and Insert a Synonym
When writing, you may discover that you used the same word in multiple locations or that a word you used
was not quite appropriate. In these instances, you will want to look up a synonym , or a word similar in meaning, to
the duplicate or inappropriate word. A thesaurus is a book of synonyms. Word provides synonyms and a thesaurus
for your convenience.
In this project, you would like a synonym for the word, prescribed, in the fourth paragraph of the research
paper. The following steps i nd a suitable synonym.
top of second page in
document window
Locate and then
right-click the word
for which you want
to i nd a synonym (in
this case, prescribed)
to display a shortcut
menu related to
the word you right-
Mini toolbar
automatically appears
when you right-click
insertion point
in word to be
looked up
Point to Synonyms
on the shortcut menu
to display a list of
synonyms for the
word you right-clicked
(Figure 2–70).
Synonyms submenu
list of synonyms
clicking Thesaurus
command displays
Research task pane
synonym to
be selected
Figure 2– 70
Click the synonym
you want (in this case,
suggested) on the
Synonyms submenu to
replace the selected
word in the document
with the selected
synonym (Figure 2–71).
What if the synonyms list on the shortcut menu does not display a suitable word?
You can display the thesaurus in the Research task pane by clicking Thesaurus on the Synonyms submenu. The Research
task pane displays a complete thesaurus, in which you can look up synonyms for various meanings of a word. You also
can look up an antonym, or word with an opposite meaning. The Research task pane is discussed later in this chapter.
word, prescribed,
changed to suggested
Figure 2– 71
Other Ways
1. Click Thesaurus (Review
tab | Prooi ng group)
2. Press SHIFT + F7
To Check Spelling and Grammar at Once
As discussed in Chapter 1, Word checks spelling and grammar as you type and places a wavy underline below
possible spelling or grammar errors. Chapter 1 illustrated how to check these l agged words immediately. As an
alternative, you can wait and check the entire document for spelling and grammar errors at once. The next steps
check spelling and grammar at once.
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