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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
Research Task Pane Options
When you install Word, it selects a series of services (reference books and Web
sites) that it searches through when you use the Research task pane. You can view, modify,
and update the list of services at any time.
Clicking the Research options link at the bottom of the Research task pane (shown
in Figure 2–75 on the previous page) displays the Research Options dialog box, where
you can view or modify the list of installed services. You can view information about any
installed service by clicking the service in the list and then clicking the Properties button.
To activate an installed service, click the check box to its left; likewise, to deactivate
a service, remove the check mark. To add a particular Web site to the list, click the Add
Services button, enter the Web address in the Address text box, and then click the Add
button (Add Services dialog box). To update or remove services, click the Update/Remove
button, select the service in the list, click the Update (or Remove) button (Update or
Remove Services dialog box), and then click the Close button. You also can install parental
controls through the Parental Control button (Research Options dialog box), for example,
if you want to prevent minor children who use Word from accessing the Web.
To Change Document Properties
Before saving the research paper again, you want to add your name, course
information, and some keywords as document properties. The following steps use the
Document Information Panel to change document properties.
Click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and, if necessary, select the Info tab.
Click the Properties button in the right pane of the Info gallery to display the Properties
menu and then click Show Document Panel on the Properties menu to close the Backstage
view and display the Document Information Panel in the Word document window.
Click the Author text box, if necessary, and then type your name as the Author property.
If a name already is displayed in the Author text box, delete it before typing your name.
Click the Subject text box, if necessary delete any existing text, and then type your course
and section as the Subject property.
Click the Keywords text box, if necessary delete any existing text, and then type
surveyor, Wii, GPS as the Keywords property.
Conserving Ink
and Toner
If you want to conserve ink
or toner, you can instruct
Word to print draft quality
documents by clicking
File on the Ribbon to
open the Backstage view,
clicking Options in the
Backstage view to display
the Word Options dialog
box, clicking Advanced
in the left pane (Word
Options dialog box),
scrolling to the Print area
in the right pane, placing
a check mark in the ‘Use
draft quality’ check box,
and then clicking the OK
button. Then, use the
Backstage view to print
the document as usual.
Click the Close the Document Information Panel button so that the Document Information
Panel no longer is displayed.
To Save an Existing Document with the Same File Name
You have made several modii cations to the document since you last saved it. Thus,
you should save it again. The following step saves the document again.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previously saved i le.
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