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Proofing and Revising the Research Paper
To Print Document Properties
With the document properties entered and the completed document saved, you may want to print the document
properties along with the document. The following steps print the document properties for the Triangulation Paper.
File tab
Print button
Click File on the Ribbon to open the
Backstage view and then click the
Print tab in the Backstage view to
display the Print gallery.
Verify the printer name that appears
on the Printer Status button will
print a hard copy of the document.
If necessary, click the Printer Status
button to display a list of available
printer options and then click
the desired printer to change the
currently selected printer.
Print tab
Printer box
i rst button in
Settings area
Click the i rst button in the Settings
area to display a list of options
specifying what you can print
(Figure 2–76).
list to specify you want to print
the document properties instead
of the actual document.
Click Document Properties in the
Click the Print button in the Print
gallery to print the document
properties on the currently selected
printer (Figure 2–77).
list of items
you can print
Figure 2– 76
What if the currently
updated document properties do
not print on the hard copy?
Try closing the document,
reopening the document, and then
repeating these steps.
printed document
properties — your
properties may differ,
depending on settings
Figure 2– 77
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + P , press ENTER
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