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Creating a Business
Letter with a Letterhead
and Table
In a business environment, people use documents to communicate with others. Business
documents can include letters, memos, newsletters, proposals, and resumes. An effective
business document clearly and concisely conveys its message and has a professional,
organized appearance. You can use your own creative skills to design and compose
business documents. Using Word, for example, you can develop the content and decide
on the location of each item in a business document.
Project — Business Letter with a Letterhead
and Table
At some time, you will prepare some type of business letter. Contents of business letters
include requests, inquiries, coni rmations, acknowledgements, recommendations,
notii cations, responses, invitations, offers, referrals, complaints, and more.
The project in this chapter follows generally accepted guidelines for writing letters
and uses Word to create the business letter shown in Figure 3– 1. This business letter
to a potential advertiser (Wilcox Tractor Restorations) includes a custom letterhead, as
well as all essential business letter components: date line, inside address, salutation, body,
complimentary close, and signature block. To easily present the advertisement rates, this
information appears in a table, and the discounts are in a bulleted list.
As you read through this chapter, you will learn how to create the business letter in
Figure 3– 1 by performing these general tasks:
Design and create a letterhead.
Compose a business letter.
Print the business letter.
Address and print an envelope.
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