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To Change Theme Colors
The Ribbon and Screen
Word may change how
the groups and buttons
within the groups appear
on the Ribbon, depending
on the computer’s screen
resolution. Thus, your
Ribbon may look different
from the ones in this topic
if you are using a screen
resolution other than
1024 × 768.
Recall that Word provides document themes that contain a variety of color schemes
to assist you in selecting complementary colors in a document. In a letter, select a color
scheme that adequately rel ects the organization or person. The letter in this chapter uses
the Executive color scheme. The following steps change theme colors.
Click the Change Styles button (Home tab | Styles group) to display the Change Styles
menu and then point to Colors on the Change Styles menu to display the Colors gallery.
Click Executive in the Colors gallery to change the document theme colors to the selected
color scheme.
To Change Margin Settings
Word is preset to use standard 8.5-by-11-inch paper, with 1-inch top, bottom, left, and right margins. If
you change the default (preset) margin settings, the new margin settings affect every page in the document. If you
wanted the margins to affect just a portion of the document, you would divide the document into sections (discussed
in a later chapter), which enables you to specify different margin settings for each section.
The business letter in this chapter uses .75-inch left and right margins and 1-inch top and bottom margins,
so that more text can i t from left to right on the page. The following steps change margin settings.
Layout tab
Display the Page Layout tab.
Click the Margins button
(Page Layout tab | Page Setup
group) to display the Margins
gallery (Figure 3– 2).
margin setting
Note: To help you locate
screen elements that
are referenced in the
step instructions, such as
buttons and commands,
this topic uses red boxes
to point to these screen
Page Setup
Click Moderate in the Margins
margin setting
gallery to change the margins to the
specii ed settings.
What if the margin settings I want
are not in the Margins gallery?
You can click Custom Margins in the
Margins gallery and then enter your
desired margin values in the top,
bottom, left, and right text boxes in
the dialog box.
Custom Margins command
displays Margins tab in
Page Setup dialog box
Print Layout
Figure 3– 2
Other Ways
1. Position mouse pointer
on margin boundary
on ruler; when mouse
pointer changes to two-
headed arrow, drag
margin boundary on ruler
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