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Creating a Letterhead
Drag the mouse
to the right and
downward to form
the boundaries of the
shape, as shown in
Figure 3– 5. Do not
release the mouse
proposed location
and size of
rectangle shape
mouse pointer remains
as crosshair until you
release mouse button
Figure 3– 5
Shape Styles
Size button
Drawing Tools Format tab
automatically appears when
shape is selected in document
Release the mouse
button so that Word
draws the shape
according to your
drawing in the
document window.
Verify your shape is
Shape Height box
rotate handle
Shape Styles
More button
the same approximate
height and width as
the one in this project
by clicking the Size
button (Drawing
Tools Format tab |
Size group) and
then, if necessary,
changing the values
in the Shape Height
box and Shape Width
boxes to 0.5"and
7", respectively
(Figure 3 – 6). When
i nished, click the
Size button again
to remove the Shape
Height and Shape
Width boxes.
What is the purpose of the rotate and adjustment handles?
When you drag an object’s rotate handle , which is the green circle, Word rotates the object
in the direction you drag the mouse. When you drag an object’s adjustment handle , which is
the yellow diamond, Word changes the object’s shape.
Shape Width box
adjustment handle
sizing handles placed at each
corner and middle location on
selected shape
shape inserted
and selected
Figure 3– 6
What if I wanted to delete a shape and start over?
With the shape selected, you would press the DELETE key.
To Apply a Shape Style
Word provides a Shape Styles gallery, allowing you to change the appearance of the shape. Because the
organization in this project, Heartland Tractor Club, supports many different tractor manufacturers, its letterhead
should use a color that is not commonly associated with a particular tractor manufacturer. The next steps apply a
shape style that uses a shade of brown.
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