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Creating a Letterhead
To Change the Font of Selected Text
The font of the organization name currently is Calibri. To make the organization
name stand out even more, change the font of the name in the letterhead to a font different
from the rest of the letter. The following steps change the font of the selected text.
With the text selected, click the Font box arrow (Home tab | Font group) to display the
Font gallery.
Scroll to and then click Segoe Script in the Font gallery to change the font of the
selected text (shown in Figure 3 – 11 on the next page).
Click anywhere in the text in the shape to remove the selection and place the insertion
point in the shape.
Floating versus Inline Objects
When you insert an object, such as a shape, in a document, Word inserts it as
either an inline object or a l oating object. An inline object is an object that is part of a
paragraph. With inline objects, you change the location of the object by setting paragraph
options, such as centered, right-aligned, and so on. A l oating object is an object that
can be positioned at a specii c location in a document or in a layer over or behind text in
a document. You have more l exibility with l oating objects because you can position a
l oating object anywhere on the page.
In addition to changing an object from inline to l oating and vice versa, Word
provides several l oating options. All of these options affect how text wraps with the object.
Table 3 – 1 lists the various text wrapping options and explains the function of each one.
Table 3 –1 Text Wrapping Options
Text Wrapping
Object Type
How It Works
In Line with Text
Object positioned according to paragraph formatting; for example,
if paragraph is centered, object will be centered with any text in the
Text wraps around object, with text forming a box around the
Text wraps around object, with text forming to shape of the object.
Object appears at beginning, middle, or end of text. Moving object
changes location of text.
Top and Bottom
Object appears above or below text. Moving object changes
location of text.
Behind Text
Object appears behind text.
Positioning Objects
If you want to use the
Square text wrapping
option, you can specify
where the object should
be positioned on the page.
To specify the position,
select the object, click the
Object Position button
(Picture Tools Format tab |
Arrange group), and then
click the desired location
in the Object Position
In Front of Text
Object appears in front of text and may cover the text.
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