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Creating a Letterhead
To Change an Object’s Text Wrapping
When you insert a shape in a Word document, the default text wrapping is In Front of Text, which means
the object will cover any text behind it. Because you want the letterhead above the contents of the letter, instead of
covering the contents of the letter, you change the text wrapping for the shape to Top and Bottom. The following
steps change a shape’s text wrapping.
Drawing Tools
Format tab
Wrap Text button
Click the edge of the
Wrap Text
shape to select the
Display the Drawing
Tools Format tab.
Click the Wrap Text
button (Drawing Tools
Format tab | Arrange
group) to display the
Wrap Text gallery
(Figure 3– 11).
font changed
to Segoe Script
Top and Bottom
current wrapping
shape selected
Point to various text
wrapping options in
the Wrap Text gallery
and watch the shape
coni gure to the
selected wrapping
option, which in
this case, moves the
paragraph mark to
different locations in
the document.
Figure 3– 11
Click Top and Bottom in the Wrap Text gallery so
that the object does not cover the document text.
Other Ways
1. Right-click object,
point to Wrap Text on
shortcut menu, click
desired wrapping style
To Insert Clip Art
Files containing graphical images, or graphics, are available from a variety of sources. In the Chapter 1
document, you inserted a digital picture taken with a camera phone. In this project, you insert clip art , which is
a predei ned graphic. In Microsoft Ofi ce programs, clip art is located in the Clip Organizer , which contains a
collection of clip art, photos, animations, sounds, and videos.
The letterhead in this project contains clip art of a tractor (Figure 3– 1 on page WD 139). Thus, the next
steps insert a clip art image on the line below the shape in the document.
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