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Creating a Letterhead
Insert tab
Click the paragraph
Clip Art pane
mark below the
shape to position
the insertion point
where you want to
insert the clip art
Clip Art
Display the Insert
Click the Clip Art
button (Insert tab |
Illustrations group)
to display the Clip Art
pane (Figure 3– 12).
clip art to be
inserted at
location of
insertion point
your screen may or
may not show clips in
this area at this point
What is a pane?
Recall from the
Ofi ce 2010 and
Windows 7 chapter
at the beginning of
this topic that a pane,
or task pane, is a
separate window that
enables you to carry
out some Word tasks
more efi ciently.
Figure 3– 12
If the Search for text
box displays text, drag
through the text to
select it.
Go button
tractor in
the Search for text
box to specify the
search text, which in
this case indicates the
type of image you
wish to locate.
search text
entered in Search
for text box
list of clips
that match
selected check box indicates
clip art from the Web will
be included in list
Click the Go button
to display a list of
clips that match the
entered search text
(Figure 3 – 13).
Why is my list of
clips different from
Figure 3–13?
If your Include
Ofi content
check box is selected
and you are connected
to the Internet, the Clip Art pane displays clips from
the Web as well as those installed on your hard disk.
Figure 3– 13
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