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Creating a Letterhead
Picture Tools Format tab
automatically appears
because clip art is selected
in document window
yellow tractor to insert
this clip art image
in the document
at the location of
the insertion point
(Figure 3– 14).
Click the clip art of the
Close button
Click the Close button
on the Clip Art pane
title bar to close the
task pane.
clip art selected
clip art inserted
and selected
box arrow is displayed
when you click or point
to clip art; clicking box
arrow displays a menu
Figure 3– 14
To Resize a Graphic to a Percent of the Original
In this project, the graphic is 35 percent of its original size. Instead of dragging a sizing handle to change the
graphic’s size, as you learned in Chapter 1, you can set exact size percentages. The following steps resize a graphic to a
percent of the original.
With the graphic still selected, click the Advanced Layout: Size Dialog Box Launcher (Picture Tools Format tab |
Size group) to display the Layout dialog box.
What if the graphic is not selected or the Picture Tools Format tab is not on the Ribbon?
Click the graphic to select it or double-click the graphic to make the Picture Tools Format tab the active tab.
Picture Tools
Format tab
In the Scale area (Layout dialog
dialog box
Size tab
selected in
dialog box
box), double-click the current value
in the Height box to select it.
35 in the Height box and
then press the TAB key to display the
same percent value in the Width box
(Figure 3– 15).
Size group
Advanced Layout: Size
Dialog Box Launcher
Width box automatically
changed to 35 % when
you pressed TAB key
value entered
in Height box
Lock aspect ratio
causes height and
width to match
OK button
Figure 3– 15
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