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Creating a Letterhead
Why did Word automatically i ll in the value in the Width box?
When the ‘Lock aspect ratio’ check box (Layout dialog box) is selected, Word automatically
maintains the size proportions of the graphic.
How do I know to use 35 percent for the resized graphic?
The larger graphic consumed too much room on the page. Try various percentages to
determine the size that works best in the letterhead design.
Click the OK button to
close the dialog box
and resize the selected
graphic (Figure 3– 16).
graphic selected and
resized to 35% of its
original size
Figure 3– 16
Other Ways
1. Right-click graphic, click
Size and Position on
shortcut menu, enter
values (Layout dialog
box), click OK button
To Change the Color of a Graphic
In Word, you can change the color of a graphic. The clip art currently consists of shades of yellow and brown.
Because the clip art in this project will be placed in a rectangle shape, you prefer to use colors that blend better with
the current color scheme. The following steps change the color of the graphic to a shade in the current color scheme
that matches the color of the shape.
With the graphic still selected
Color button
Picture Tools
Format tab
(shown in Figure 3– 16), click the
Color button (Picture Tools Format
tab | Adjust group) to display the
Color gallery.
Orange, Accent
color 3 Dark to
be selected
Point to Orange, Accent color 3
Dark in the Color gallery (fourth
color in second row) to display a live
preview of that color applied to the
selected graphic in the document
(Figure 3– 17).
Adjust group
clicking More Variations
displays additional color
Point to various colors in the Color
gallery and watch the color of the
graphic change in the document.
Color gallery
color changes to Orange, Accent color
3 Dark, showing live preview of color
to which you are pointing in gallery
Figure 3– 17
Other Ways
Click Orange, Accent color 3 Dark in the Color gallery to change the color of the selected
1. Right-click graphic,
click Format Picture
on shortcut menu,
click Picture Color
button in left pane
(Format Picture dialog
box), select color, click
Close button
How would I change a graphic back to its original colors?
With the graphic selected, you would click No Recolor in the Color gallery (upper-left color).
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