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To Set a Transparent Color in a Graphic
In Word, you can make one color in a graphic transparent, that is, remove the color. You would make a
color transparent if you wanted to remove part of a graphic or see text or colors behind a graphic. In this project,
you will remove the lighter brown from the edges of the tractor graphic so that when you move the graphic on
the rectangular shape, the color of the shape can be seen in the transparent locations. The following steps set a
transparent color in a graphic.
Picture Tools
Format tab
the Color button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Adjust group) to display
the Color gallery (Figure 3– 18).
With the graphic still selected, click
Color button
Adjust group
Set Transparent Color
graphic selected
Color gallery
lighter shade of brown
to be transparent
Figure 3 – 18
Click Set Transparent Color in the
Color gallery to display a pen mouse
pointer in the document window.
the graphic where you want to make
the color transparent (Figure 3– 19).
Can I make multiple colors in a
graphic transparent?
No, you can make only one color
Position the pen mouse pointer in
pen mouse pointer
positioned where color
should be transparent
Figure 3 – 19
Click the location in the graphic
where you want the color to be
transparent (Figure 3– 20).
What if I make the wrong color
Click the Undo button on the Quick
Access Toolbar, or press CTRL + Z , and
then repeat these steps.
lighter shades
of brown made
showing white
here because
the page color
behind the
graphic is white
Figure 3 – 20
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