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To Adjust the Brightness and Contrast of a Graphic
In Word, you can adjust the lightness (brightness) of a graphic and also contrast, which is the difference
between the lightest and darkest areas of the graphic. The following steps decrease the brightness and contrast
of the tractor graphic, each by 20%.
Picture Tools
Format tab
Corrections button
With the graphic still selected
(shown in Figure 3– 20), click the
Corrections button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Adjust group) to
display the Corrections gallery
(Figure 3– 21).
Brightness: -20%
Contrast: -20%
to be selected
Does live preview work in this
Yes, but the graphic is covered by
the gallery in this case. To see the
live preview, you would need to
position the graphic so that you can
see it while the gallery is displayed.
Adjust group
Corrections gallery
Figure 3– 21
Click Brightness:
20% Contrast:
20% in the Corrections gallery
(second image in second row)
to change the brightness and
contrast of the selected graphic
(Figure 3– 22).
Can I remove all formatting applied
to a graphic and start over?
Yes. With the graphic selected, you
would click the Reset Picture button
(Picture Tools Format tab | Adjust
Reset Picture
brightness and
contrast adjusted
Figure 3– 22
Other Ways
1. Right-click graphic,
click Format Picture on
shortcut menu, click
Picture Corrections
button in left pane
(Format Picture dialog
box), adjust settings,
click Close button
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