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Creating a Letterhead
To Change the Border Color on a Graphic
The tractor graphic currently has no border (outline). You would like the graphic to have a brown border. The
following steps change the border color on a graphic.
Picture Tools
Format tab
Picture Border
button arrow
Click the Picture Border button
arrow (Picture Tools Format tab |
Picture Styles group) to display
the Picture Border gallery.
Picture Border
Point to Brown, Accent 4, Darker 50%
Brown, Accent 4,
Darker 50% to
be selected
(eighth theme color from left in
the sixth row) in the Picture Border
gallery to display a live preview of
that border color around the picture
(Figure 3– 23).
Picture Styles
No Outline removes
border from graphic
Point to various colors in the Picture
Border gallery and watch the border
color on the picture change in the
document window.
border changes to Brown,
Accent 4, Darker 50%, showing
live preview of color to which
you are pointing in gallery
Picture Border gallery
Click Brown, Accent 4, Darker 50%
in the Picture Border gallery to
change the picture border color.
Figure 3– 23
How would I remove a border from a graphic?
With the graphic selected, you would click the No Outline in the Picture Border gallery.
Clip Organizer
To make a Web clip
available on your hard disk,
point to the clip in the Clip
Art pane, click its box arrow,
click Make Available Ofl ine,
select the collection to store
the clip (Copy to Collection
dialog box) or click the
New button to dei ne a
new collection, and then
click the OK button. You
can use the Clip Organizer
to create, rename, or delete
collections; add clips to a
collection from the Web,
a camera, or a scanner;
delete, move, and copy clips;
and search for existing clips.
Start the Clip Organizer by
clicking the Start button
on the taskbar, clicking
All Programs on the Start
menu, clicking the Microsoft
Ofi ce folder to its contents,
clicking the Microsoft
Ofi ce 2010 Tools folder to
display its contents, and
then clicking Microsoft Clip
To Change an Object’s Text Wrapping
The tractor graphic is to be positioned to the left of the organization name in the
shape. Clip art, by default, is formatted as an inline graphic, which cannot be moved into
a shape. To move the graphic in the shape so that it not covered by any text, you format it
as a l oating object with In Front of Text wrapping. The following steps change a graphic’s
text wrapping.
If necessary, click the graphic to select it. If necessary, display the Picture Tools Format tab.
Click the Wrap Text button (Picture Tools Format tab | Arrange group) to display the Wrap
Text gallery.
Do both the Picture Tools Format and Drawing Tools Format tabs have a Wrap Text button?
Yes. You can specify how to wrap text with both pictures and drawings.
Click In Front of Text in the Wrap Text gallery so that you can position the object on top of
any item in the document, in this case, on top of the rectangular shape.
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