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Creating a Letterhead
To Move a Graphic
The next step is to move the tractor graphic up so that it is positioned to the left of the text on the rectangle
shape. The following steps move a graphic.
Position the mouse
pointer in the
graphic so that
the mouse pointer
has a four-headed
arrow attached to it
(Figure 3– 24).
when mouse pointer has
a four-headed arrow
attached to it, you can drag
the l oating graphic to any
location in document
Figure 3 – 24
Drag the graphic to
the location shown in
Figure 3– 25.
What if I moved the
graphic to the wrong
Repeat these steps.
You can drag a
l oating graphic to
any location in a
graphic moved
to left of
Figure 3 – 25
To Copy a Graphic
In this project, the same tractor graphic is to be placed to the right of the
organization name in the shape. Instead of performing the same steps to insert and format
another tractor graphic, you can copy the graphic to the Ofi ce Clipboard, paste the
graphic from the Ofi ce Clipboard, and then move the graphic to the desired location.
You use the same steps to copy a graphic as you used in Chapter 2 to copy text. The
following steps copy a graphic.
If necessary, click the graphic to select it.
Display the Home tab.
Click the Copy button, shown in Figure 3– 26 on the next page, (Home tab | Clipboard
group) to copy the selected item to the Ofi ce Clipboard.
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