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Creating a Letterhead
To Use Paste Options
The next step is to paste the copied graphic in the document. The following steps paste a graphic using the
Paste Options gallery.
Home tab
Click the Paste button arrow (Home
tab | Clipboard group) to display the
Paste gallery.
Paste button
Copy button
What if I accidentally click the Paste
Click the Paste Options button below
the graphic pasted in the document
to display a Paste Options gallery.
Paste button arrow
Paste gallery
Point to the Keep Source
Keep Source
button to be
Formatting button in the Paste
gallery to display a live preview of
that paste option (Figure 3– 26).
live preview of pasted graphic, showing paste
option to which you are pointing in gallery
Point to the two buttons in the
Figure 3– 26
Paste gallery and watch the appearance of the pasted graphic change.
What do the buttons in the Paste gallery mean?
The Keep Source Formatting button indicates the pasted graphic should have the same formats
as it did in its original location. The second button removes all formatting from the graphic.
Why are these paste buttons different from the ones in Chapter 2?
The buttons that appear in the Paste gallery differ depending on the item you are pasting.
Use live preview to see how the pasted object will look in the document.
Click the Keep Source Formatting button in the Paste gallery to paste the object using the
same formatting as the original.
To Move a Graphic
The next step is to move the second tractor graphic so that it is positioned to the
right of the text in the rectangle shape. The following step moves a graphic.
Position the mouse pointer in the graphic so that the mouse pointer has a four-headed
arrow attached to it and then drag the graphic to the location shown in Figure 3– 27.
Why does my graphic not look like it is positioned the same as the graphic on the left?
The paragraph mark at the end of the organization name may be obstructing your view.
To determine if the graphic is positioned properly, you can temporarily turn off formatting
marks by clicking the Show/Hide ¶ button (Home tab | Paragraph group).
graphic moved
to right of
organization name
Figure 3 – 27
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