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Creating a Letterhead
To Flip a Graphic
The next step is to l ip the clip art image on the right so that the tractor is facing the opposite direction. The
following steps l ip a graphic horizontally.
Format tab.
If necessary, display the Picture Tools
Picture Tools
Format tab
With the graphic still selected, click
the Rotate button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Arrange group) to
display the Rotate gallery.
gallery to display a live preview of
the selected rotate option applied
to the selected graphic (Figure 3– 28).
Point to Flip Horizontal in the Rotate
Arrange group
Flip Horizontal
Point to the rotate options in the
Rotate gallery and watch the picture
rotate in the document window.
graphic l ips horizontally,
showing live preview of
rotation to which you are
pointing in gallery
Click Flip Horizontal in the Rotate
gallery, so that Word l ips the
graphic to display its mirror image.
Figure 3– 28
Can I l ip a graphic vertically?
Yes, you would click Flip Vertical in the Rotate gallery. You also can rotate a graphic
clockwise or counterclockwise by clicking the Rotate Right 90° and Rotate Left 90°
commands, respectively, in the Rotate gallery.
To Specify Formatting before Typing and Then Enter Text
The contact information for the organization in this project is located on the line
below the organization name. The following steps format and then enter the postal
address in the letterhead.
Position the insertion point on the line below the shape containing the organization name.
If necessary, display the Home tab. Click the Center button (Home tab | Paragraph group)
to center the paragraph.
Click the Font Color button arrow (Home tab | Font group) to display the Font Color
gallery and then click Orange, Accent 3, Darker 50% (seventh color in sixth row) in the
Font Color gallery to change the font color.
For a complete list of the
Q&As found in many of
the step-by-step sequences
in this topic, visit the
Word 2010 Q&A Web page
Type 323 Pine Avenue, Graber, OK 74877 and then press the SPACEBAR
(shown in Figure 3– 29 on the next page).
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