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Creating a Letterhead
To Insert a Symbol from the Symbol Dialog Box
In the letterhead in this chapter, a small round dot separates the postal address and phone number, and the
same type of dot separates the phone number and Web address information. This special symbol (the round dot)
is not on the keyboard. Thus, Word provides a method of inserting dots and other symbols, such as letters in the
Greek alphabet and mathematical characters.
The following steps insert a dot symbol, called a bullet symbol, between the postal address and phone number
in the letterhead.
Insert tab
If necessary, position the insertion
Insert Symbol
point as shown in Figure 3– 29.
Display the Insert tab.
Click the Insert Symbol button
Insert Symbol gallery
shows recently used
symbols – your list
will differ
(Insert tab | Symbols group) to
display the Insert Symbol gallery
(Figure 3– 29).
What if the symbol I want to insert
already appears in the Symbol
You can click any symbol shown in
the Symbol gallery to insert it in the
More Symbols
text formatted
and entered
insertion point
Figure 3 – 29
Symbol dialog box
Click More Symbols in the Insert
Symbol gallery to display the Symbol
dialog box.
Font box arrow
Subset box arrow
(normal text), click the Font box
arrow (Symbol dialog box) and
then scroll to (normal text) and
click it to select this font.
If the font in the Font box is not
list of symbols
bullet symbol
numeric value
assigned to
selected symbol
If the subset in the Subset box is
not General Punctuation, click the
Subset box arrow and then scroll to
General Punctuation and click it to
select this subset.
dot symbol
when you insert a symbol,
Word places it in Recently
used symbols list – your
list will differ
Insert button
Close button
necessary, scroll to the bullet
symbol shown in Figure 3– 30
and then click the symbol to select it.
In the list of symbols, if
Figure 3 – 30
Click the Insert button (Symbol dialog box) to place the selected symbol in the document
to the left of the insertion point (Figure 3– 30).
Why is the Symbol dialog box still open?
The Symbol dialog box remains open, allowing you to insert additional symbols.
Click the Close button (Symbol dialog box) to close the dialog box.
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