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Creating a Letterhead
To Insert a Symbol from the Symbol Gallery
In the letterhead, another bullet symbol separates the phone number from the Web address information.
Once you insert a symbol using the Symbol dialog box, Word adds that symbol to the Symbol gallery so that it is
more readily available. The following steps use the Symbol gallery to insert a bullet symbol between the phone
number and Web address.
Insert tab
Press the
SPACEBAR , type Phone:
(476) 555-9384 and then
press the SPACEBAR .
Insert Symbol
Click the Insert Symbol button
bullet symbol
to be selected
(Insert tab | Symbols group) to
display the Insert Symbol gallery
(Figure 3– 31).
Why is the bullet symbol now in the
Insert Symbol gallery?
When you insert a symbol from
the Symbol dialog box, Word
automatically adds the symbol
to the Insert Symbol gallery.
Insert Symbol
text entered
insertion point
Figure 3 – 31
Click the bullet symbol in the Insert
Symbol gallery to insert the symbol at the location
of the insertion point (shown in Figure 3– 32).
To Enter Text
Inserting Special
In addition to symbols,
you can insert a variety
of special characters
including dashes, hyphens,
spaces, apostrophes, and
quotation marks. Click the
Special Characters tab in
the Symbols dialog box
(Figure 3–30), click the
desired character in the
Character list, click the
Insert button, and then
click the Close button.
The following steps enter the Web address in the letterhead.
Press the SPACEBAR .
Type Web Address: to i nish the text in the letterhead
(Figure 3– 32).
symbol inserted
text entered
insertion point
Figure 3– 32
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