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Creating a Letterhead
To Clear Formatting
The next step is to position the insertion point below the letterhead, so that you can type the contents of the
letter. When you press the enter key at the end of a paragraph containing a border, Word moves the border forward
to the next paragraph. The paragraph also retains all current settings, such as the center format. Instead, you want
the paragraph and characters on the new line to use the Normal style: black font with no border.
In Word, the term, clear formatting , refers to returning the formatting to the Normal style. The following
steps clear formatting at the location of the insertion point.
With the insertion
point between the
Web address and
paragraph mark
at the end of the
line (as shown in
Figure 3– 34), press
the ENTER key to
move the insertion
point and paragraph
to the next line
(Figure 3– 35).
Web address automatically
formatted as hyperlink because
you pressed ENTER key
insertion point
paragraph mark is centered
and border moved down —
you want to clear paragraph
and border formats
Figure 3– 35
Clear Formatting
Home tab
Click the Clear
Formatting button
(Home tab | Font
group) to apply
the Normal style
to the location of
the insertion point
(Figure 3– 36).
Font group
returned to
Normal style
border moved up to
original location
Figure 3 – 36
Other Ways
1. Click More button in
Styles gallery (Home tab |
Styles group), click Clear
2. Click Styles Dialog Box
Launcher (Home tab |
Styles group), click Clear
All in Styles task pane
3. Select text, press
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