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Creating a Letterhead
AutoFormat as You Type
As you type text in a document, Word automatically formats some of it for you.
For example, when you press the enter key or spacebar after typing an e-mail address
or Web address, Word automatically formats the address as a hyperlink, that is, colored
blue and underlined. In Figure 3– 35 on the previous page, for example, Word formatted
the Web address as a hyperlink because you pressed the enter key at the end of the line.
Table 3– 2 outlines commonly used AutoFormat As You Type options and their results.
Table 3 – 2 Commonly Used AutoFormat As You Type Options
Typed Text
AutoFormat Feature
Quotation marks or apostrophes
Changes straight quotation marks
or apostrophes to curly ones
"the" becomes “the”
Text, a space, one hyphen, one
or no spaces, text, space
Changes the hyphen to an en dash
ages 20 - 45
ages 20 – 45
Text, two hyphens, text, space
Changes the two hyphens to an
em dash
Two types--yellow and red
Two types––yellow and red
Web or e-mail address followed
Formats Web or e-mail address as
a hyperlink
Three hyphens, underscores,
equal signs, asterisks, tildes, or
number signs and then ENTER key
Places a border above a paragraph
This line
This line
Number followed by a period,
hyphen, right parenthesis, or
greater than sign and then a
space or tab followed by text
Creates a numbered list
1. Word
2. PowerPoint
AutoFormat Settings
Before you can use them,
AutoFormat options must
be enabled. To check if
an AutoFormat option
is enabled, click File on
the Ribbon to open the
Backstage view, click
Options in the Backstage
view, click Prooi ng in
the left pane (Word
Options dialog box),
click the AutoCorrect
Options button, click the
AutoFormat As You Type
tab, select the appropriate
check boxes, and then click
the OK button in each
open dialog box.
1. Word
2. PowerPoint
Asterisk, hyphen, or greater than
sign and then a space or tab
followed by text
Creates a bulleted list
* Home tab
* Insert tab
• Home tab
• Insert tab
Fraction and then a space or
Condenses the fraction entry
so that it consumes one space
instead of three
1/2 becomes ½
Ordinal and then a space or
Makes part of the ordinal a
3rd becomes 3 rd
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