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Input Devices
A smart phone is a phone that can connect to the
Internet and usually also provides personal information
management functions such as a calendar, an appointment
book, an address book, a calculator, and a notepad (Figure 6).
A portable media player is a mobile device on which
you can store, organize, and play digital media (shown
in Figure 1 on page COM 2). For example, you can listen
to music; watch videos, movies, and television shows; and
view photos on the device’s screen. A digital camera is
a device that allows users to take pictures and store the
photographed images digitally, instead of on traditional film
(shown in Figure 1). Digital cameras typically allow users to
review, and sometimes modify, images while they are in the camera.
Figure 6
A smart phone is a popular mobile device.
Input Devices
An input device is any hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a
computer. Depending on your particular program and requirements, the input device you use may
vary. Five widely used input devices are the keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, and Web cam
(shown in Figure 1). The two primary input devices used are the keyboard and the mouse.
Input Devices
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then click Input Devices.
A keyboard is an input device that contains keys users press to enter data and instructions into
the computer. All desktop computer keyboards have a typing area that includes the letters of the
alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks, and other basic keys. Many desktop computer keyboards
also have a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. Most of today’s desktop computer
keyboards are enhanced keyboards. An enhanced keyboard has 12 or more function keys along
the top and a set of arrow and additional keys between the typing area and the numeric keypad
(Figure 7). Function keys are special keys programmed to issue instructions to a computer.
media controls
F3 key
function keys
additional keys
typing area
CTRL key
CTRL key
ALT key
arrow keys
ALT key
wrist rest
Figure 7
On a desktop computer keyboard, you type using keys in the typing area and on the numeric keypad.
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