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Creating a Business Letter
To Create a New File from an Existing File
The top of the business letter in this chapter contains the letterhead, which you saved in a separate i le. You
could open the letterhead i le and then save it with a new name, so that the letterhead i le remains intact for future
use. A more efi cient technique is to create a new i le from the letterhead i le. Doing this enables you to save the
document the i rst time using the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar instead of requiring you to use the Save
As command in the Backstage view. The following steps create a new i le from an existing i le.
File tab
Click File on the
opens a new blank
document window when
you click Create button
Ribbon to open the
Backstage view.
New from
existing button
Click the New tab in
the Backstage view
to display the New
gallery (Figure 3– 39).
What are the templates
in the New gallery?
A template is a
document that
includes prewritten
text and/or
formatting common
to documents of
the specii ed type.
Word provides many
templates to simplify
the task of creating
New tab
New gallery presents
options for creating
Figure 3– 39
New from Existing
Document dialog box
folder on USB
l ash drive opened
Click the ‘New from
existing’ button in the
New gallery to display
the New from Existing
Document dialog box.
to the location of
the saved Heartland
Letterhead i le (in this
case, the Word folder
in the CIS 101 folder
on the USB l ash drive).
If necessary, navigate
i le selected
Click Heartland
Letterhead to select
the i le (Figure 3– 40).
USB l ash drive
Create New button
Figure 3– 40
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