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Creating a Business Letter
To Display the Ruler
One way to set custom tab stops is by using the horizontal ruler. Thus, the following
step displays the ruler in the document window.
If the rulers are not displayed already, click the View Ruler button on the vertical scroll bar
(shown in Figure 3– 43).
What if the View Ruler button is not visible on the vertical scroll bar?
Display the View tab and then place a check mark in the Ruler check box.
To Set Custom Tab Stops
The i rst required element of the business letter is the date line, which in this letter is positioned two lines
below the letterhead. The date line contains the month, day, and year, and begins four inches from the left margin,
which is approximately one-half inch to the right of center. Thus, you should set a custom tab stop at the 4" mark
on the ruler. The following steps set a left-aligned tab stop.
With the insertion
left margin
point on the
paragraph mark below
the border (shown
in Figure 3 – 42 on
page WD 167), press
the ENTER key so that
a blank line appears
above the insertion
right margin
View Ruler
Left Tab icon
appears in tab
tab stops
tab stops
tip of mouse
pointer at 4"
mark on ruler
If necessary, click the
tab selector at the left
edge of the horizontal
ruler until it displays
the type of tab you
wish to use, which is
the Left Tab icon in
this case.
one blank line
Position the mouse
pointer on the 4"
mark on the ruler,
which is the location
of the desired custom
tab stop (Figure 3– 43).
Figure 3– 43
What is the purpose of the tab selector?
Before using the ruler to set a tab stop, ensure the correct tab stop icon appears in the
tab selector. Each time you click the tab selector, its icon changes. The Left Tab icon is the
default. For a list of the types of tab stops, see Table 3– 3.
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