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Creating a Business Letter
Click the 4" mark on the ruler to
default tab stops
to left of custom
tab stop removed
place a tab marker at that location
(Figure 3– 44).
left tab marker indicates
text you type will be
left-aligned at this tab
What if I click the wrong location
on the ruler?
You can move a custom tab stop
by dragging the tab marker to the
desired location on the ruler. Or, you
can remove an existing custom tab
stop by pointing to the tab marker on
the ruler and then dragging the tab
marker down and out of the ruler.
clicking mouse on ruler
causes Word to place
tab marker identii ed in
tab selector at location
clicked on ruler
Figure 3– 44
What happened to all the default tab stops on the ruler?
When you set a custom tab stop, Word clears all default tab
stops to the left of the newly set custom tab stop on the ruler.
Other Ways
1. Click Paragraph Dialog
Box Launcher (Home tab
or Page Layout tab |
Paragraph group), click
Tabs button (Paragraph
dialog box), type tab
stop position (Tabs dialog
box), click Set button,
click OK button
To Insert the Current Date in a Document
The next step is to enter the current date at the 4" tab stop in the document, as specii ed in the guidelines for
a modii ed block style letter. In Word, you can insert a computer’s system date in a document. The following steps
insert the current date in the letter.
Date and Time
dialog box
Insert tab
Insert Date
and Time
Press the
TAB key to position the
insertion point at the location
of the tab stop in the current
selected date
Display the Insert tab.
list of date and time
formats — your list will
show current system
date and time stored
on your computer
Click the Insert Date and
Time button (Insert tab |
Text group) to display the
Date and Time dialog box.
Text group
check box not
Select the desired format (Date
and Time dialog box), in this case
April 27, 2012.
OK button
If the Update automatically
check box is selected, click the
check box to remove the check
mark (Figure 3– 45).
Why should the Update automatically check box not be selected?
In this project, the date at the top of the letter always should show today’s date (for
example, April 27, 2012). If, however, you wanted the date always to change to rel ect
the current computer date (for example, showing the date you open or print the letter),
then you would place a check mark in this check box.
formatting mark
indicates TAB
key pressed
insertion point
Figure 3– 45
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