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Creating a Business Letter
Click the OK button
to insert the current
date at the location
of the insertion point
(Figure 3– 46).
date left-aligned at 4"
mark on ruler because
you pressed TAB key
current date inserted —
your date will differ
insertion point
Figure 3– 46
To Enter the Inside Address and Salutation
The next step in composing the business letter is to type the inside address and
salutation. The following steps enter this text.
With the insertion point at the end of the date (shown in
Figure 3– 46), press the ENTER key three times.
Type Mr. Harvey Wilcox and then press the
ENTER key.
Type Wilcox Tractor Restorations and then
press the ENTER key.
Type 3009 North 2850 East Road and then press
the ENTER key.
Type Roundwood, OK 74519 and then press the
ENTER key twice.
salutation entered
Type Dear Mr. Wilcox: to complete the inside
address and salutation entries (Figure 3– 47).
Figure 3– 47
To Create a Building Block
If you use the same text or graphic frequently, you can store the text or graphic as a building block and
then insert the stored building block entry in the open document, as well as in future documents. That is, you can
create the entry once as a building block and then insert the building block when you need it. In this way, you avoid
entering the text or graphics inconsistently or incorrectly in different locations throughout the same or multiple
The steps on the next page create a building block for the prospective advertiser’s name, Wilcox Tractor
Restorations. Later, you will insert the building block in the document instead of typing the advertiser’s name.
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