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Creating a Business Letter
Quick Parts button
Insert tab
Quick Parts gallery
Select the text to be a
building block, in this
case Wilcox Tractor
Restorations. Do not
select the paragraph
mark at the end of
the text because
you do not want the
paragraph to be part
of the building block.
Why is the paragraph
mark not part of the
building block?
Select the paragraph
mark only if
you want to
store paragraph
formatting, such as
indentation and line
spacing, as part of the
building block.
clicking AutoText
displays any dei ned
AutoText entries in
a gallery
Save Selection to
Quick Part Gallery
advertiser name
paragraph mark
not selected
Figure 3– 48
Click the Quick Parts button (Insert tab | Text group)
to display the Quick Parts gallery (Figure 3– 48).
Create New Building
Block dialog box
Click Save Selection to Quick Part
Gallery in the Quick Parts gallery
to display the Create New Building
Block dialog box.
name of building block
entered in text box
wtr in the Name text box
(Create New Building Block dialog
box) to replace the proposed
building block name (Wilcox Tractor,
in this case) with a shorter building
block name (Figure 3– 49).
building block to
be saved in Quick
Parts gallery
Click the OK button to store the
OK button
building block entry and close the
dialog box.
Figure 3– 49
If Word displays another dialog box,
click the Yes button, to save changes to the building blocks.
Will this building block be available in future documents?
When you quit Word, a dialog box may appear asking if you want to save changes to
the “Building Blocks”. Click the Save button if you want to use the new building block in
future documents.
Other Ways
1. Select text, press ALT + F3
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