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Creating a Business Letter
To Modify a Building Block
When you save a building block in the Quick Parts gallery, it is displayed at the top of the Quick Parts gallery.
If the building block is a text entry, you can place it in the AutoText gallery instead, which also is accessible through
the Quick Parts gallery.
When you point to the building block in the Quick Parts gallery, a ScreenTip displays the building block
name. If you want to display more information when the user points to the building block, you can include a
description as an Enhanced ScreenTip. The following steps modify a building block to include a description and
change its category to AutoText.
Insert tab
Quick Parts
Quick Parts
Click the Quick Parts
button (Insert tab |
Text group) to display
the Quick Parts
Wilcox Tractor Restorations
building block entry
appears at top of gallery
Right-click the Wilcox
Tractor Restorations
building block to
display a shortcut
menu (Figure 3– 50).
clicking any of these commands
positions the selected building
block in the document
Edit Properties
Figure 3– 50
Modify Building
Block dialog box
Click Edit Properties on the shortcut
menu to display the Modify Building
Block dialog box, i lled in with
information related to the selected
building block.
box arrow
Click the Gallery box arrow (Modify
entered description
will show as
enhanced ScreenTip
Building Block dialog box) and then
click AutoText to change the gallery
in which the building block will be
Advertiser in the Description
text box (Figure 3– 51).
OK button
Figure 3– 51
Click the OK button to store the
building block entry and close the dialog box.
Click the Yes button when asked if you want to redei ne the building block entry.
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