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Creating a Business Letter
To Insert a Nonbreaking Space
Some compound words, such as proper nouns, dates, units of time and measure, abbreviations, and geographic
destinations, should not be divided at the end of a line. These words either should i t as a unit at the end of a line or
be wrapped together to the next line.
Word provides two special characters to assist with this task: the nonbreaking space and the nonbreaking
hyphen. A nonbreaking space is a special space character that prevents two words from splitting if the i rst word
falls at the end of a line. Similarly, a nonbreaking hyphen is a special type of hyphen that prevents two words
separated by a hyphen from splitting at the end of a line.
The following steps insert a nonbreaking space between the words in the magazine name.
Figure 3– 53), press the COMMA key and then press the SPACEBAR .
With the insertion point at the end of the building block entry in the document (as shown in
in and then press the
SPACEBAR . Press CTRL + I to turn on
italics because magazine names
should be italicized.
nonbreaking space
character inserted
text entered
Heartland as the i rst
word in the magazine name and
then press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR to
insert a nonbreaking space after the
entered word (Figure 3– 54).
Figure 3– 54
Tractor and then press
another nonbreaking space after
the entered word.
space character
Magazine and then
press CTRL + I to turn off italics
(Figure 3– 55).
all entered words
in magazine name
wrapped to next line
Figure 3– 55
Other Ways
1. Click Symbol button (Insert
tab | Symbols group),
click More Symbols, click
Special Characters tab
(Symbol dialog box), click
Nonbreaking Space in
Character list, click Insert
button, click Close button
To Enter Text
The next step in creating the letter is to enter the rest of the text in the i rst
paragraph. The following steps enter this text.
Nonbreaking Hyphen
If you wanted to insert
a nonbreaking hyphen,
you would press
Press the COMMA key and then press the SPACEBAR .
Type this text: our monthly publication for tractor enthusiasts. The
table below outlines advertisement rates per monthly issue:
Press the ENTER key twice to place a blank line between paragraphs (shown in Figure 3– 56
on the next page).
Why does my document wrap on different words?
Differences in wordwrap may relate to the printer connected to your computer. Thus, it is
possible that the same document could wordwrap differently if associated with a different
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