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Creating a Business Letter
To Save an Existing Document with the Same File Name
You have made several modii cations to the document since you last saved it. Thus,
you should save it again. The following step saves the document again.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previously saved i le.
Break Point: If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. You can quit Word now. To resume at a later
time, start Word, open the i le called Heartland Advertisement Letter, and continue following the steps from this
location forward.
The next step in composing the business letter is to place a table listing the rates for
various types of advertisements (shown in Figure 3– 1 on page WD 139). A Word table is
a collection of rows and columns. The intersection of a row and a column is called a cell ,
and cells are i lled with data.
The i rst step in creating a table is to insert an empty table in the document. When
inserting a table, you must specify the total number of rows and columns required, which
is called the dimension of the table. The table in this project has i ve columns. You often
do not know the total number of rows in a table. Thus, many Word users create one row
initially and then add more rows as needed. In Word, the i rst number in a dimension is
the number of columns, and the second is the number of rows. For example, in Word,
a 5
1 (pronounced “i ve by one”) table consists of i ve columns and one row.
To Insert an Empty Table
The next step is to insert an empty table in the letter. The following steps insert a table with i ve columns
and one row at the location of the insertion point.
Insert tab
Table button
Scroll the document up so that you
will be able to see the table in the
document window.
With the insertion point positioned
as shown in Figure 3– 56, click the
Table button (Insert tab |
Tables group) to display
the Table gallery (Figure 3– 56).
pointing to a cell on
grid allows you to select
desired table dimension
Table gallery
Point to various cells on the grid
to see a preview of various table
dimensions in the document
blank line
text entered
Figure 3– 56
insertion point
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