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Creating a Business Letter
Position the mouse pointer on the
of selected
cells in grid
cell in the i rst row and i fth column
of the grid to preview the desired
table dimension (Figure 3– 57).
mouse pointer
live preview of
5 x 1 table appears
at location of
insertion point
Figure 3– 57
Table Tools tab, which
has two subordinate tabs,
automatically appears
because a table is selected
in document window
Click the cell in the i rst row and
i fth column of the grid to insert an
empty table with one row and i ve
columns in the document.
If necessary, scroll the table up in the
document window (Figure 3 – 58).
What are the small circles in the
table cells?
Each table cell has an
end-of-cell mark , which
is a formatting mark
that assists you with selecting and
formatting cells. Similarly,
each row has an end-of-row
mark , which you can use to
add columns to the right of a table. Recall that formatting marks do not print on a hard copy. The
end-of-cell marks currently are left-aligned, that is, positioned at the left edge of each cell.
when insertion point is in table, the ruler shows
boundaries and width of each column in table
empty table
end-of-cell marks
insertion point in i rst cell
(row 1 and column 1)
Figure 3– 58
Other Ways
1. Click Table (Insert tab |
Tables group), click Insert
Table in Table gallery, enter
number of columns and
rows (Insert Table dialog
box), click OK button
To Enter Data in a Table
The next step is to enter data in the cells of the empty table. The data you enter in a cell wordwraps just as text
wordwraps between the margins of a document. To place data in a cell, you click the cell and then type.
To advance rightward from one cell to the next, press the tab key. When you are at the rightmost cell in a
row, press the tab key to move to the i rst cell in the next row; do not press the enter key. The enter key is used
to begin a new paragraph within a cell. One way to add new rows to a table is to press the tab key when the insertion
point is positioned in the bottom-right corner cell of the table. The step on the next page enters data in the i rst row
of the table and then inserts a blank second row.
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