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Creating a Business Letter
Table Tools
Design tab
More button
Table Styles gallery
Table Style
Options group
table data
Figure 3– 60
insertion point
To Apply a Table Style
The next step is to apply a table style to the table. Word provides a Table Styles gallery, allowing you to change
the basic table format to a more visually appealing style. Word provides a gallery of more than 90 table styles, which
include a variety of colors and shading. The following steps apply a table style to the table in the letter.
With the insertion point in the table, be sure the check marks match those in
the Table Style Options group (Table Tools Design tab) as shown in Figure 3– 60.
What if the Table Tools Design tab no longer is the active tab?
Click in the table and then display the Table Tools Design tab.
What do the options in the Table Style Options group mean?
When you apply table styles, if you want the top row of the table (header row),
a row containing totals (total row), i rst column, or last column to be formatted
differently, select those check boxes. If you want the rows or columns to
alternate with colors, select Banded Rows or Banded Columns, respectively.
Click the More button in the Table
expanded gallery
Styles gallery (shown in Figure 3– 60)
(Table Tools Design tab | Table Styles
group) to expand the gallery.
Scroll and then point to Medium
Grid 3 - Accent 4 in the Table Styles
gallery to display a live preview of
that style applied to the table in the
document (Figure 3– 61).
mouse pointer on Medium
Grid 3 - Accent 4 table style
Point to various table styles in the
Table Styles gallery and watch the
format of the table change in the
document window.
Figure 3– 61
table format changes to show live preview
of style to which you are pointing in gallery
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