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Creating a Business Letter
Click Medium Grid
3 - Accent 4 in the
Table Styles gallery
to apply the selected
style to the table
(Figure 3– 62).
table style selected
and applied to table
Select and remove
Table Style
Options group
Medium Grid 3 – Accent 4
table style applied to table
check marks from
various check
boxes in the Table
Style Options
group and watch
the format of the
table change in the
document window.
When i nished
experimenting, be
sure the check marks
match those shown
in Figure 3– 62.
Figure 3– 62
To Resize Table Columns to Fit Table Contents
The table in this project currently extends from the left margin to the right margin of the document. You want
each column to be only as wide as the longest entry in the table. That is, the i rst column must be wide enough to
accommodate the words, Business Card, and the second column should be only as wide as the title, Dimensions, and
so on. The following steps instruct Word to i t the width of the columns to the contents of the table automatically.
point in the table,
display the Table Tools
Layout tab.
Table Tools
Layout tab
With the insertion
AutoFit button
AutoFit Contents
AutoFit menu
Click the AutoFit
button (Table Tools
Layout tab | Cell Size
group) to display
the AutoFit menu
(Figure 3– 63).
table move handle
What causes the table
move handle and
table resize handle to
appear and disappear
from the table?
They appear whenever
you position the
mouse pointer in
the table.
insertion point
Figure 3– 63
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