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To Align Data in Cells
The next step is to change the alignment of the data in cells in the second, third, fourth, and i fth columns of
the table. In addition to aligning text horizontally in a cell (left, center, or right), you can align it vertically within a
cell (top, center, bottom). When the height of the cell is close to the same height as the text, however, differences in
vertical alignment are not readily apparent, which is the case for this table. The following steps center data in cells.
Select the cells in the
second, third, fourth,
and i fth columns using
one of the techniques
described in Table 3– 4
on the previous page
(Figure 3– 65).
cells selected
Figure 3– 65
Align Top
Center button
Click the Align Top
Table Tools
Layout tab
Center button (Table
Tools Layout tab |
Alignment group) to
center the contents of
the selected cells.
remove the selection
(Figure 3– 66).
Click in the table to
Alignment group
cell contents centered
table move
insertion point
Figure 3– 66
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