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Creating a Business Letter
To Center a Table
When you i rst create a table, it is left-aligned, that is, l ush with the left margin. In this letter, the table should
be centered between the margins. To center a table, you i rst select the entire table. The following steps select and
center a table using the Mini toolbar.
Position the mouse
pointer in the table
so that the table
move handle
appears (shown in
Figure 3– 66).
transparent Mini
toolbar appears
when table is
What if the table
move handle does not
You also can select a
table by clicking the
Select button (Table
Tools Layout tab |
Table group) and
then clicking
Select Table on
the menu.
entire table
table move
handle behind
mouse pointer
Click the table move
handle to select
the entire table
(Figure 3– 67).
Figure 3– 67
Move the mouse
pointer into the Mini
toolbar, so that the
toolbar changes to a
bright toolbar. Click
the Center button on
the Mini toolbar to
center the selected
table between the
left and right margins
(Figure 3– 68).
Could I have clicked
the Center button on
the Home tab?
Yes. If the command
you want to use is
not on the currently displayed tab on the Ribbon and it is available on the Mini toolbar, use
the Mini toolbar instead of switching to a different tab. This technique minimizes mouse
Mini toolbar
table centered
between page
Center button
Figure 3– 68
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