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Mouse and Other Pointing Devices
Most notebook computers have a touchpad , a small, flat, rectangular pointing device near the
keyboard that allows you to move the pointer by sliding a fingertip on the surface of the pad
(Figure 10).
Figure 10 Most notebook computers have
a touchpad that allows a user to control the
movement of the pointer.
Other Input for Mobile Devices Most mobile devices, such as smart phones and PDAs, and some
notebook computers, such as Tablet PCs, use a variety of alternatives for entering data and instruc-
tions (Figure 11). One of the more popular input devices for mobile devices is the stylus. Some
have touch screens, enabling you to touch the screen to perform tasks.
obtain maps and directions
on the phone by attaching
this navigation receiver to
your vehicle’s window
speak into the microphone that
wirelessly communicates with
the phone
take a picture using the
digital camera built into
the back of the phone
use one end of the stylus to
write on the phone’s screen
and the other end as a
ballpoint pen
transfer data and instructions
to and from the computer and
phone by connecting it to the
computer with a cable
enter text messages via a
wireless keyboard
Figure 11 Besides a touch screen and basic stylus, users have a variety of other options for entering
data and instructions into a smart phone.
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