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Creating a Business Letter
Position the insertion
point in the i rst
row and then type
Monthly Issue
Rates as the table
title (Figure 3– 72).
table title entered
Figure 3– 72
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected cells
to merge, click Merge
Cells on shortcut menu
Instead of merging multiple cells into a single cell, sometimes you want to split
a single cell into multiple cells. If you wanted to split cells, you would perform the
following steps.
1. Position the insertion point in the cell to split.
2. Click the Split Cells button (Table Tools Layout tab | Merge group), or right-click the
cell and then click Split Cells on the shortcut menu, to display the Split Cells dialog box.
3. Enter the number of columns and rows into which you want the cell split (Split Cells
dialog box).
4. Click the OK button.
To Add More Text
The table now is complete. The next step is to enter text below the table. The
following steps enter text.
Position the insertion point on the paragraph mark below the table and then press the
ENTER key.
Type Please note that additional fees will be assessed if the
word or photo counts exceed the limits listed above. We offer
the following discounts: and then press the ENTER key (shown in Figure 3 – 73).
To Bullet a List as You Type
In Chapter 1, you learned how to apply bullets to existing paragraphs. If you know before you type that a list
should be bulleted, you can use Word’s AutoFormat As You Type feature to bullet the paragraphs as you type them
(see Table 3–2 on page WD 162). The following steps add bullets to a list as you type.
Press the
key (*) as the
i rst character
on the line
(Figure 3– 73).
blank line
text entered
asterisk entered at
beginning of line
Figure 3– 73
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