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Creating a Business Letter
Press the
SPACEBAR to convert the asterisk to a bullet character.
What if I did not want the asterisk converted to a bullet character?
You could undo the AutoFormat by clicking the Undo button, pressing CTRL + Z , clicking the
AutoCorrect Options button that appears to the left of the bullet character as soon as you
press the SPACEBAR , and then clicking
Undo Automatic Bullets on the
AutoCorrect Options menu, or by
clicking the Bullets button (Home
tab | Paragraph group).
Bullets button
10 percent discount
for any advertisement
that runs in three
consecutive issues as the
i rst bulleted item.
Press the
to place another
bullet character at the
beginning of the next line
(Figure 3 – 74).
asterisk converted to
bullet automatically
bullet automatically
inserted when you
pressed ENTER key
text entered
Figure 3– 74
5 percent discount for a camera-ready advertisement
(prepared using Microsoft Word at the proper size and with all
words and photos in final layout form) and then press the ENTER key.
3 percent discount if payment in full is submitted with
order and then press the ENTER key.
Press the
to turn off automatic
bullets as you type
(Figure 3– 75).
Why did automatic
bullets stop?
When you press the
ENTER key without
entering any text after
the automatic bullet
character, Word turns
off the automatic
bullets feature.
Bullets button no
longer selected
bulleted list
text entered
automatic bullets
turned off
Figure 3– 75
Other Ways
1. Click Bullets button
(Home tab | Paragraph
2. Right-click paragraph
to be bulleted, point to
Bullets on shortcut menu,
click desired bullet style
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