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displayed with dollar signs. Then, add formulas to the last row in the table so that the total quantity
and total due are displayed, also with dollar signs. Write down the formulas that Word uses to i nd
the product of values in the rows and to sum the values in a column.
3. Delete the current clip art images in the letterhead. Use the Clip Art pane to locate appropriate clip
art from the Web, make the clip available ofl ine, and insert an image on each side of the business
name in the letterhead.
4. Change the table style. One at a time, select and deselect each check box in the Table Style Options
group. Write down the function of each check box: Header Row, Total Row, Banded Rows, First
Column, Last Column, and Banded Columns. Select the check boxes you prefer for the table.
5. Sort the paragraphs in the bulleted list.
6. Change the bullets in the bulleted list to picture bullets.
7. Move the tab stops in the date line, complimentary close, and signature block from the 3.5" mark
to the 4" mark on the ruler.
8. Change the document properties, as specii ed by your instructor. Save the revised document and
then submit it in the format specii ed by your instructor.
9. Print a single mailing label for the letter.
10. Print a full page of mailing labels, each containing the address shown in Figure 3– 80.
11. If your instructor approves, start the Clip Organizer. How many collections appear? Expand the
Ofi ce Collections. Copy one of the Academic clips to the Favorites folder in the My Collections
folder. Locate the clip you made available ofl ine in Step 3 and then preview it. What are i ve of its
properties? Add a keyword to the clip. Delete the clip you made available ofl ine.
change to clip art
from the Web
enter formula
for table cells
select format for
formula results
insert formula that will
compute product of
cells to the left
table to be
modii ed
bullets to be replaced
with picture bullets
and list to be sorted
insert formula
that will sum
the numbers
Figure 3– 80
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