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In the Lab
Lab 3: Creating a Letter with a Letterhead and Table
Problem: As president of the County Education Board, you communicate with schools in your district.
One of the schools has just been awarded a four-star rating.
Instructions: Prepare the letter shown in Figure 3– 84. Change the theme colors to Pushpin. Change
the margins to 1" top and bottom and .75" left and right. Follow the guidelines in the modii ed semi-
block letter style. Use proper spacing between elements of the letter. After entering the inside address,
28-point bold Comic
Sans MS font,
Bevel shape: Intense
Effect - Brown,
Accent 3
Color: Red, Accent
color 2 Light;
Brightness: +20%
Contrast: +20%
Brown, Accent 3,
Darker 50%
Table style: Medium
Grid 3 - Accent 3; Table
style options: Header
Row and First Column
Figure 3– 84
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