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Cases and Places
create a building block for Fair Grove Elementary School and insert the building block whenever
you have to enter the school name. Resize table columns to i t contents. Check the spelling of the
letter. Change the document properties, as specii ed by your instructor. Save the letter with Lab 3-3
Education Board Letter as the i le name.
Cases and Places
Apply your creative thinking and problem solving skills to design and implement a solution.
Note: To complete these assignments, you may be required to use the Data Files for Students. See the
inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact
your instructor for information about accessing the required i les.
1: Create a Letter to a Potential Employer
As a student about to graduate, you are actively seeking employment in your i eld and have located an
advertisement for a job in which you are interested. You decide to write a letter to the potential employer:
Ms. Janice Tremont at Home Health Associates, 554 Mountain View Lane, Blue Dust, MO 64319.
The draft wording for the letter is as follows: I am responding to your advertisement for the
nursing position in the Blue Dust Press . I have tailored my activities and education for a career in
geriatric medicine. This month, I will graduate with concentrations in Geriatric Medicine (24 hours),
Osteopathic Medicine (12 hours), and Holistic Nursing (9 hours). In addition to receiving my
bachelor degree in nursing, I have enhanced my education by participating in the following activities:
volunteered at Blue Dust’s free health care clinic; attended several continuing education and career-
specii c seminars, including An Aging Populace, Care of the Homebound, and Special Needs of the
Elderly; completed one-semester internship at Blue Dust Community Hospital in spring semester
of 2012; completed Certii ed Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Blue Dust Community College;
and worked as nurse’s aide for two years during college. I look forward to an interview so that we
can discuss the position you offer and my qualii cations. With my background and education, I am
coni dent that I will make a positive contribution to Home Health Associates.
The letter should contain a letterhead that uses a shape and clip art, a table (use a table to present
the areas of concentration), and a bulleted list (use a bulleted list to present the activities). Insert
nonbreaking spaces in the newspaper name. Use the concepts and techniques presented in this chapter
to create and format a letter according to the modii ed block style, creating appropriate paragraph
breaks and rewording the draft as necessary. Use your personal information for contact information in
the letter. Be sure to check the spelling and grammar of the i nished letter. Submit your assignment in
the format specii ed by your instructor.
2: Create a Letter Requesting Donations
As an alumnus of your historic high school, you are concerned that the building is being considered for
demolition. You decide to write a letter to another graduate: Mr. Jim Lemon, 87 Travis Parkway, Vigil,
CT 06802.
The draft wording for the letter is as follows: As a member of the class of 1988, you, like many
others, probably have many fond memories of our alma mater, Vigil East High School. I recently
learned that the building is being considered for demolition because of its age and structural integrity.
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