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1 Creating and Editing
a Presentation with
Clip Art
A PowerPoint presentation, also called a slide show , can help you deliver a dynamic,
professional-looking message to an audience. PowerPoint allows you to produce slides to
use in an academic, business, or other environment. One of the more common uses of these
slides is to enhance an oral presentation. A speaker may desire to convey information, such
as urging students to volunteer at a fund-raising event, explaining changes in employee
compensation packages, or describing a new laboratory procedure. The PowerPoint
slides should reinforce the speaker’s message and help the audience retain the information
presented. Custom slides can i t your specii c needs and contain diagrams, charts, tables,
pictures, shapes, video, sound, and animation effects to make your presentation more
effective. An accompanying handout gives audience members reference notes and review
material for your presentation.
Project Planning
The process of developing a presentation that communicates specii c information requires
careful analysis and planning. As a starting point, establish why the presentation is needed.
Next, analyze the intended audience for the presentation and its unique needs. Then,
gather information about the topic and decide what to include in the presentation. Finally,
determine the presentation design and style that will be most successful at delivering the
message. Details of these guidelines are provided in Appendix A. In addition, each project in
this topic provides practical applications of these planning considerations.
Project — Presentation with Bulleted Lists
and Clip Art
The U.S. Department
of Energy’s Web site
has myriad information
available on the topics
of energy efi ciency and
renewable energy. These
features can provide news
and product research
that you can share with
audiences with the
help of a PowerPoint
In this chapter’s project, you will follow proper design guidelines and learn to use PowerPoint
to create, save, and print the slides shown in Figures 1–1a through 1–1e. The objective is to
produce a presentation, called It Is Easy Being Green, to help consumers understand basic
steps they can take to save energy in their homes. This slide show has a variety of clip art
and visual elements to add interest and illustrate energy-cutting measures. Some of the text
has formatting and color enhancements. Transitions help one slide l ow gracefully into the
next during a slide show. In addition, you will print a handout of your slides to distribute to
audience members.
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