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Output Devices
one trillion bytes. A computer with 4 GB of RAM, therefore, can store approximately four billion
characters. For reference, one megabyte can hold approximately 500 letter-size pages of text
information, and one gigabyte can hold approximately 500,000 letter-size pages of text information.
Output Devices
Output devices are hardware components that convey information to one or more people.
Commonly used output devices include display devices; printers; speakers, headphones, and
earbuds; data projectors; and interactive whiteboards. When a computer is used for processing tasks
such as creating documents, the two output devices widely used are the printer and a display device.
Output Devices
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A printer is an output device
that produces text and graphics on
a physical medium such as paper.
Ink-jet printers and laser print-
ers often are used with personal
Ink-jet printers produce text
and graphics in both black and
white and color on a variety of
paper types and sizes (Figure 13).
Some ink-jet printers, called
photo printers , produce photo-
lab-quality pictures and are ideal
for home or small-business use.
The speed of an ink-jet printer is
measured by the number of pages
per minute (ppm) it can print.
Most ink-jet printers print from 12
to 36 pages per minute. Graphics
and colors print at the slower rate.
A laser printer is a high-speed,
high-quality printer that operates
in a manner similar to a copy machine (Figure 14).
Laser printers typically use individual sheets of
paper stored in one or more removable trays that
slide in the printer case. It creates images using a
laser beam and powdered ink, called toner, on a
special drum inside the printer, forming the images
to be printed. Laser printers can cost from a couple
hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for the
home and small office user, to several hundred thou-
sand dollars for large business users. Generally, the
more expensive the laser printer, the more pages it
can print per minute.
A multifunction peripheral , also called an
all-in-one device , is a single device that looks like a
printer or copy machine but provides the functional-
ity of a printer, scanner, copy machine, and perhaps a
fax machine. Some use color ink-jet printer technol-
ogy, while others include a black-and-white or color
laser printer.
Figure 13
Ink-jet printers are a popular type of color printer used in the home.
Figure 14
A color laser printer.
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