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Choosing a Document Theme
Click Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in the search results on the Start menu to start
PowerPoint and display a new blank document in the PowerPoint window.
If the PowerPoint window is not maximized, click the Maximize button next to the Close
button on its title bar to maximize the window.
Choosing a Document Theme
You can give a presentation a professional and integrated appearance easily by using a
document theme. A document theme provides consistency in design and color through-
out the entire presentation by setting the color scheme, font set, and layout of a presen-
tation. This collection of formatting choices includes a set of colors (the Theme Colors
group), a set of heading and content text fonts (the Theme Fonts group), and a set of lines
and i ll effects (the Theme Effects group). These groups allow you to choose and change
the appearance of all the slides or individual slides in your presentation. The left edge of
the status bar in Figure 1– 2 shows the current slide number followed by the total number
of slides in the document and a document theme identii er.
Find the appropriate theme.
In the initial steps of this project, you will select a document theme by locating a particular
built-in theme in the Themes group. You could, however, apply a theme at any time while
creating the presentation. Some PowerPoint slide show designers create presentations using
the default Ofi ce Theme. This blank design allows them to concentrate on the words being
used to convey the message and does not distract them with colors and various text attributes.
Once the text is entered, the designers then select an appropriate document theme.
To Choose a Document Theme
The document theme identii er shows the theme currently used in the slide show. PowerPoint initially uses
the Ofi ce Theme until you select a different theme. The following steps change the theme for this presentation
from the Ofi ce Theme to the Oriel document theme.
Design tab
clicking More button in
Themes group will show
more design themes
Ribbon to display
the Design tab
(Figure 1–2).
Click Design on the
Themes group
groups on Ribbon change to
show commands related to design
because Design is the active tab
Note: To help you locate screen
elements that are referenced in the
step instructions, such as buttons and
commands, this topic uses red boxes
to point to these screen elements.
Figure 1–2
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