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Choosing a Document Theme
Click the More button
(Design tab | Themes
group) to expand
the gallery, which
shows more Built-In
theme gallery options
(Figure 1–3).
expanded gallery
Point to various
document themes in
the Themes
gallery and
watch the
colors and fonts change
on the title slide.
Ofi ce Theme is
default theme
currently applied
Oriel theme
Are the themes
displayed in a specii c
Yes. They are arranged
in alphabetical order
running from left to
right. If you point to
a theme, a ScreenTip
with the theme’s name
appears on the screen.
Figure 1–3
What if I change my mind and do not want to select a new theme?
Click anywhere outside the All Themes gallery to close the gallery.
Click the Oriel
theme to apply this
theme to Slide 1
(Figure 1– 4).
If I decide at some
future time that this
design does not i t
the theme of my
presentation, can
I apply a different
Yes. You can
repeat these
steps at any time
while creating your
title text placeholder
Oriel theme
applied to
Slide 1
title text placeholder
subtitle text
placeholder border
Figure 1– 4
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