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Formatting Characters in a Presentation
To Select a Word
PowerPoint designers use many techniques to emphasize words and characters on a slide. To add emphasis to
the energy-saving concept of your slide show, you want to increase the font size and change the font color to green
for the word, Green, in the title text. You could perform these actions separately, but it is more efi cient to select the
word and then change the font attributes. The following steps select a word.
Position the mouse pointer
somewhere in the word to be
selected (in this case, in the word,
Green) (Figure 1–12).
mouse pointer
in word Green
Figure 1–12
Double-click the word to select it
(Figure 1–13).
entire word
is selected
Other Ways
1. Position mouse pointer
before i rst character,
Figure 1–13
Format text colors.
When selecting text colors, try to limit using red. This color often is associated with
dangerous or alarming situations. In addition, at least 15 percent of men have difi culty
distinguishing varying shades of green or red. They also often see the color purple as blue
and the color brown as green. This problem is more pronounced when the colors appear in
small areas, such as slide paragraphs or line chart bars.
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